Most businesses are aware of how vital a website is to commercial success. Whether it’s just a store front website describing what the business is all about, or a fully-fledged e-commerce solution, it’s safe to say that having a website is an invaluable asset in a demanding world that is constantly connected.

Web design is deep within our DNA, having started as a web design agency several years ago. We know the fundamentals of great web design and see websites as tools to help your businesses flourish online. It’s not enough just having a nice website- it needs to fulfill a purpose and be measured against specific goals.

What's CRO All About?

CRO is the art of encouraging people to do certain things online. We bundle CRO (conversion rate optimisation) and web design together, using a variety of technologies to ensure your website is fast, stylish and functional, with a superb user experience focused on a mobile-first approach.

However, we also use tools like Reactful and heat-mapping software to encourage (or ‘nudge’) people to complete certain tasks on your website, studying where people drop off or get bored. We study the digital ‘body language’ of your users to show whether they’re uncertain, confused, idle or engaged. We then use analytics to set triggers at opportune moments, so we optimise your website to convert users into loyal customers. To us, your website should pay for itself many times over, which is why we’re adamant every pixel is primed to help users convert for you.

Whether it’s signing up to your newsletter, checking out, completing a form or capturing a profitable lead, we design your website with specific, measurable goals in mind, and then wrap that within an insanely great user experience.

Mobile first approach

With mobile traffic having exceeded desktop traffic, We build websites with a mobile-first approach, so that your website leaves a professional impression on everyone who visits it. Remember, your website is an asset to your business- it should offer information, potentially generate profit and definitely build brand equity.

Technical Clarity

When you work with Regent Branding, we agonise over every technical detail, so you don’t have to. We ensure your website is built upon the right platform, with the right hosting requirements. And to prove how much we care, when you enquire about a website, you get a free technical proposal, even if you don’t end up working with us.

Content Focus

We truly believe that writers will inherit the internet, as the content on websites truly defines how useful people find it, which in turn defines how valuable that site is to search engines. We personally create all content in-house, writing in whichever tone of voice you like, so that both people and search engines give your website the thumbs up.

Priming every pixel

We’re passionate about your website working for you, which is why we don’t just build websites and hand it over to you. We want to drive quality traffic to your site, and also ensure people on your website actually convert into customers. We use a wide array of CRO tools to turn ‘meh maybe’ users into ‘this site is so simple’ customers.

There are hundreds of agencies offering web design, but few are as passionate as us about quality traffic and amazing designs. Give your brand the website it truly deserves.

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