Video is by far the most engaging way to get messages across online. From Buzzfeed-style infographic videos to 2D animation, Regent Branding takes video as a medium very seriously.

Nowadays, consumers are more time-poor than ever, with multiple apps vying for their attention. This is why the rise of video marketing has seen brands get their messages across and engage with people successfully. Video is instant, emotive and makes an impression that exceeds that of an article or image.

Our Approach

Firstly, we absorb everything possible about your brand, service or product. We then discuss possible video ideas with you, before settling on one theme and creating storyboards.

From there, we design and develop a bespoke video. We’ve made videos that have a calm and serene tone, but also made explosive videos that pack a punch- it all comes down to the message you want to impart to your viewers. We sort out the editing and subtitles, resulting in a professional video you can use as a branded asset for as long as you like.

Once the video is made, we naturally offer our promotion capabilities across social media, with facebook being our preferred platform for promoting video content. We then measure the results and report back to you, so that we can prove the video has had a positive impact on your brand.

The Next Level

While making videos is all well and good, at RB we wanted to take it to the next level, to offer something truly unique to clients. That’s why we now offer interactive videos, where the user can tap on elements on the screen to influence the way the story unfolds. This interactive style is brilliant to educate and inform, as the viewer unfurls their own path through the video and feels more involved in your brand message.

In addition to this, we also create videos that offer polls and quizzes throughout them, which is perfect for lead generation and general sentiment analysis. We use industry leading tools such as Wirewax and Wistia to ensure the videos we make are cutting-edge, both technically and creatively.

45% of people watch more than an hour of FB or YouTube videos a week.

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92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others.

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