At Regent Branding, we’ve always loved games, whether they’re on a mobile, computer or console. We are obsessed with game design and mechanics, with our core focus centring around making games that are insanely addictive and fun to play.

From mind-bending puzzles and shooting escapades, to platform runners and driving games, we have a portfolio of dozens of games we’ve made from scratch, many of which that have gone on to become viral sensations. We specialise in both app games (iOS and Android, specifically) and also HTML5 games, which you can play in browser across mobile and desktop.

We've been making games for years now, and in doing so, have honed the formula to what makes a game fun and addictive. We iterate until a game is a total pleasure to play, as we know your brand will be associated with its quality.

3 advantages of having a game developed

1. branded asset

Games have the ability to ‘pull’ customers in, rather than ‘push’ a message out to users and hope it resonates with them. With a game, engagement rates are substantially higher than that of mediums like emails or display banners, with the game itself becoming an asset for your brand in perpetuity.


If a game is fun, exciting and engaging, those very same qualities will be reflected in what your customers feel about your brand. Also, creating a game offers real value to users, as it’s for their enjoyment, offering you the perfect chance to create strong emotional resonance with your customers, elevating your brand at the same time.

3. Strong ROI

People also love to compete, which is why games are a great way to stoke competition, offer prizes and also collect valuable data. We love games but there’s always an ROI involved- namely the brand exposure you can garnish, leads you can generate and buzz you can stimulate on social media platforms.

A Tried and Tested Process...

Here’s the process we follow when creating a game. We’ve made games for a variety of clients, from small businesses looking for an edge over competitors, to larger brands in need of quality exposure.

Research and Development

When making a game, it’s imperative we know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, and the type of game you’d like us to develop. We dive deep into research and scoping to ensure we lay solid foundations for further game development.

Game Design

Once we’ve decided whether your game will be a HTML 5 game, or a dedicated mobile game, we move forward to game design, which includes wireframes, characters, environments and game mechanics to flesh out the skeleton of your game and ensure we’re reflecting your brand ethos through every facet.

User Testing

Once your game is finished, we user test it vigorously with your target market, within a controlled environment, to see how it plays with them, and where improvements can be made.

Launching Your Game

Once your game is finished, we present it to you and make any relevant changes. Once you’re completely satisfied, we set it live, and also help market it via facebook advertising, influencer marketing and our dedicated app store optimisation service. We don’t just want to make an amazing game for you, we want the world to know it’s available to play. Once the game is live, all code and intellectual property transfers over to you permanently, so you can use the game as an asset for future campaigns.

Our Goal

A new game should set you apart from your competition as the brand that cares. Our goal is to develop you a game that will quantifiably benefit your business, and give it an edge in an ever more competitive market.

Some of the games we’ve developed…



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