Facebook is a social media goliath, with over 1.23 billion people using it every single day. This presents a unique opportunity for businesses of all sizes, and it’s a field RB has a wealth of experience in.

With Facebook advertising, it’s possible to target people like never before, right down to their location, interests and online behaviour. With strong targeting and brilliant creative assets, a facebook advertising campaign can generate an incredible ROI for your business. Whether it’s purchases, lead generations, event sign-ups or video views, we’ve built bespoke advertising campaigns that have consistently exceeded expectations.

Do you remember the last time you stopped in your Newsfeed at an ad that caught your eye? At RB, we know exactly what makes an ad eye-catching enough to garner engagement, having reverse-engineering thousands of adverts that performed well.

RB has experience in running successful facebook campaigns, using a careful blend of targeted paid reach, earned media and influencer amplification. We’re familiar with every element needed to make facebook a viable revenue stream for you. We’re adept at keeping costs low to reach people, with experience in exactly what will work for your campaign and encourage people to take action.

Whatever your business offers, we’re certain we can help you make facebook a platform that offers you a profitable return on a daily basis.

Our Approach

We specialise in creating bespoke facebook advertising campaigns that attract high quality customers to your business. This includes the use of facebook live, video marketing, infographics, split-screen interviews and viral images. All content is created for you from scratch.

We hyper-target your ideal customers (after building a persona) and also create high quality creative material to ensure people engage with your ads.

And lastly, we measure your results on a daily basis, to ensure you’re getting the healthiest ROI possible. To prove this, we give you access to a 24/7 dashboard, so you can see how your ads are performing whenever you like.

An ROI Focus

We see facebook advertising as a way to reach new customers and tell the world about your brand. Genuinely effective facebook advertising generates both a short and long term profit, which is why we measure everything we do, to prove it’s money well spent.

Strategy and tactics

To us, strategy is a multi-faceted approach with an overarching theme, with tactics being the tricks of the trade used to make that goal a reality. We’re aware of all the bells and whistles facebook advertising offers, but we only use what we deem necessary for each client. Whether it’s geo-fences around competitor locations or custom audiences of people who visit your website, we have you covered.

emerging techniques

We don’t stick with tactics that worked 6 months ago- we constantly push facebook as a platform to deliver more for our clients, using services like Messenger and Manychat to increase engagement and drive customer loyalty. There are over 10,000 ways to target people using facebook- our job is to show you the 5 that’ll work best for you.

the regent promise

We love it when our clients feel excited about marketing. Whether you want to give your page quality exposure and send quality ‘likes’ soaring, boost engagement or generate orders from your FB page, we promise to offer you impartial, honest and cutting-edge advice. And what’s more, everything we do puts privacy and integrity at the forefront, meaning your brand is in a safe and trusted pair of hands.

And what about Cambridge Analytica?

Facebook made headlines when it was revealed that a personality quiz had scraped public user profiles to create psychographic models, which were in turn used to manipulate voter behaviour. Although the scandal stemmed from publicly available data, RB reviewed every single marketing strategy we use on facebook, auditing everything from custom audience creation to communication after lead generation. We’re happy to confirm we’re fully compliant with both the data protection act of 1998 and 2018’s GDPR regulations.

On a platform like facebook that reaches nearly 1 in 3 people on Earth, foul play is a sad inevitability. However, RB treats your brand like we treat our own, and always make decisions from a vantage point of trust and transparency. It’s an ethos that has never let us down.

~ Hamzah Malik, Founder of Regent Branding

For most facebook users, the events of Cambridge Analytica made no difference to their every day lives. At RB, we doubled down on the strategies used on facebook, and also blended them with other channels such as email and onsite marketing, resulting in new digital solutions that are powered by facebook advertising, and generate phenomenal results.

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