Like a breath of fresh air, Hamzah has the positive thinking and attitude that is great to work with. He helped massively in setting up a key part of my digital business in a knowledgable and professional manner.


What he didn’t know he found out in a short timeframe using a resourcefulness and network of global contacts that is one of his key strengths. His friendly demeanour meant no query was too daft to ask, whether it’s about WordPress or Social media advertising, and no task was too minor to discuss and resolve. I’m confident that Hamzah has the skills to help with any digital project you embark on.

~ Kar Lee of KarDesign Ltd.

A digital strategy needs to be both versatile and robust enough to adapt to changes within the market. At RB, we pride ourselves on constantly testing the tools in our digital arsenal to ensure they always deliver brilliant results. It’s this experience we lend to clients when they’re creating digital strategies.

Regent Branding, whilst a digital agency, still holds great respect for the power of print advertising, billboard promotions and TV adverts. Integrated campaigns outperform pure-play strategies by a mile, which is why we focus on the digital elements of a plan, while ensuring it integrates cohesively with activity in other parts of the marketing mix. After all, if you’re not playing in a channel that retains customer attention, you can be absolutely certain your competitors will be.

A Dynamic Blueprint

We sit down with your marketing team and with your input, help create a digital strategy that will act like a blueprint for you moving forwards. It will encapsulate your overarching goals to ensure it ties into your larger marketing strategy, and be built around commercial deliverables, not vanity metrics or fad-chasing. Because of this, it will be fluid enough to be adapted to external changes. If something happens that changes major elements of your digital strategy, we’re only a quick phone call away.

Give Your Marketing Strategy an Unfair Digital Advantage with RB.

Regent Branding holds itself to some very high expectations, and this translates into how we work with our clients. Our input on your digital strategy will focus on how to ensure you grow, outperform competitors and capture more market share, whilst building your brand in the hearts and minds of consumers. From search marketing and progressive web apps to social media advertising and user journey flow, we have you covered from every angle in the digital world.

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