App Store Optimisation (ASO)

For Q1 2018, there were 28.4 Billion downloads across the App Store and Google Play Store. Apps are integral to our lives now, and offer us utility, entertainment and convenience.

The natural problem for those who have made an app is how to stand out against the millions of competitor apps and gain quality installs. That’s where ASO comes in- see it like SEO but for the iOS and Android app stores.

Our Offering

RB studied this market for 18 months before offering any advice, so we know the nuances of app store optimisation. For example, we’re aware of the right day of the week to release an app in each category to ensure it gets as much organic exposure as possible. Nuggets of knowledge, such as knowing Apple gives new apps an artificial push also ensures we can get your app quality installs.

Around 60% of people download apps by just browsing the app store, so it’s vital your app is front and centre, with creative material that does it justice. RB specialises in getting you quality exposure for people searching the app store. We’ve successfully pushed apps to #1 positions on national app stores, and got them tens of thousands of high-quality downloads in the process.

Our Approach

customer segmentation

We start ASO by analysing your ideal customer. Who are they, what kind of language do you they use, and why do they need your app? We use customer segmentation to collect natural language samples, ensuring we know exactly how to describe your app. We then compare this with your competitors using industry leading tools, and check their keywords to see if there’s anything we can improve upon.

social proof

Having fresh ratings and reviews are integral to optimising your app for page 1 of the App Store and Google Play Store. We collect genuine reviews and ensure there are simple ways people can rate your app, so that you can build social proof. We also use influencer marketing to galvanise downloads, to indicate to Apple or Google that your app is useful to users.

content analysis

We analyse every aspect of your app and optimise it to succeed. The copy in the description is scrutinised and rewritten by our in-house copywriters, ensuring we use natural language to entice installs. We ensure the right keywords are used in your iTunes Connect profile, check the title of the app and also localise it to every territory you want to attract installs from.

Creative Autopsy

Your creative material is paramount to the success of your app. We review the effectiveness of your app screenshots, video and icon, recreating elements from the ground up if necessary. Our talented designers know what make people tick, meaning every single change, from colour variations to the length of the video, is made to optimise your app for organic installs.


Micro Case Study: How We Got Dua Compass 20,000 Downloads in 5 Days

The Islamic app space is a competitive niche, with new apps coming out every day aiming to make life easier. Dua Compass was an app developed internally at Regent Branding, and when it came to releasing it, we were excited to implement RB’s own strategies to make the app a success.

We started by optimising the logo, app preview screenshots and keywords, to ensure once people found the app, they’d be inclined to download it. We went through 5 logo alterations, using blind user testing to find the one people liked the most. 

We then wrote a detailed description, focusing on the ‘top 10 reasons you should download this app’- a curt nod to the viral infographics people are accustomed to consuming via the likes of Buzzfeed. We then launched the app, with an extensive influencer marketing campaign behind it, which used our Social Syndic8 service, spanning across facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and snapchat.

A staggering 90% of people downloaded the app after viewing the app’s product page- true testament to a solid ASO strategy that focuses on a user-first approach. This led to over 13,000 downloads from iOS, with 7,000+ from Android in the same period.

Dua Compass claimed a top spot on the app search pages, meaning now it organically picks up hundreds of downloads a week, with zero marketing effort from our end. A robust ASO plan can work wonders for an app and instil a long-term growth trajectory, something that can prove to be invaluable as competition intensifies in the app space.

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